PROMASTER EX - Hair Color for Fashion

Promaster EX

Alkaline color that can create a whole palette of unique colors, including the precise shade a customer desires.

Promaster EX Series is the perfect Lift & Deposit hair color. With its unique palette of single pigmented tones, Promaster EX allows the stylist to be in control and to custom make colors! The (N) Natural and (B) Brown lines are extremely flexible base colors that can be mixed with desired tones to produce excellent grey coverage. Promaster EX delivers natural and long lasting shades that are sure to please a wide range of hair types.

Click here for a complete color chart (On White 100%)

Promaster EX Box and Tube

Promaster EX: Total 77 colors + LT, 2.82 OZ. (80g)

Promaster EXLight Level

High-lift series

This High-lift series can achieve up to a 13 level brightness from virgin hair in one process with using only 20 Vol. Promaster EX Light Level is formulated to lift gently and comes in 16 beautifully balanced hues and two High lift colorless creams. Light/High (LT/H) and Light/SuperHigh (LT/SH) creams can be mixed with powder bleach to control lift.

Click here for a complete color chart (on white 100%)

Promaster EX Light Level Box and Tube

Promaster EX Light Level: Total 23 colors + LT/H, LT/SH, 2.82 OZ. (80g)

Promaster EXPigment

Micro alkaline hair color which is designed specifically for previously colored hair

Promaster EX Pigment is a deposit-only hair color which is designed to refresh and re-tone previously colored hair. Pigment Series tones and saturates gently into hair creating healthy looking manageable hair. Pigment hues and saturation levels are linked to the Promaster EX Series so it’s easy to match re-growth. Lanolin and Beeswax are used to create instant smoothness and shine.

Click here for a complete color chart (on white 100%)

Promaster EX Pigment Box and Tube

Promaster EX Pigment: Total 83 colors + CL, 2.82 OZ. (80g)

Promaster EXSelect Series - Permanent Color

A breakthrough in conventional hair color.

Select Series fulfills the needs of customers who are looking for richer, more vibrant color. It provides a variety of color options to satisfy stylists and customers alike.

Available in four fun and unique colors.

Color Lineup

Promaster EX Select Series Color Chart

PROMASTER EX Select Series Brochure (PDF)

Promaster EX Select Series Box and Tube

Promaster EX Select Series: Total 4 colors, 2.82 OZ. (80g)

Bokashi for Men — Perfectly Blended Gray


Achieve the perfect salt & pepper look!

Bokashi (boh-kah-she) is the Japanese word for "to gradate" or "to blend." Promaster Bokashi for Men was created to seamlessly blend gray hair and achieve the perfect salt & pepper look.

Bokashi Brochure (PDF)

Bokashi Technical Guide (PDF)

Bokashi seamlessly blend gray hair and achieve the perfect salt & pepper look.

Bokashi Benefits

There is no concern for gray roots to stand out, as Bokashi does not eliminate gray but blends it. Bokashi's gray base color eliminates the worry of undesirable red or orange undertones as the hair grows and color fades. Revitalize your male customers by helping them look and feel younger in a masculine, distinguished manner.

How to Use Bokashi: 3 Easy Steps

  1. Mix Equal Parts Bokashi and Promaster Developer.
  2. Quickly apply the mixture on dry hair and process for 3 minutes.
  3. Rinse hair immediately, shampoo and dry!

Why Bokashi?

Why Choose Bokashi

Who is Bokashi for?

Recommend Bokashi to Your Customers That May Be Thinking:
"I'm self-conscious about my gray hair."
"Dyeing my hair will drastically change my appearance and people will notice."
"I don't have the time to sit in a salon for a full coloring service."

Also recommend Bokashi to those that think they are satisfied with their gray or are using a different product to blend/cover it. Bokashi will take their look to the next level, guaranteed!

Three Shades to Choose From

Natural Gray

Recommended for beginners, it provides a classic gray blend. Perfect for business professionals!

Soft Gray

Leaves a lasting impression with a slightly pale, dignified blend. Great for neutralizing yellow tones.

Blue Gray

Provides a slightly blue tinge for a a sleek blend. Great for neutralizing orange tones.

Hair Color for Grey Coverage

Promaster GCreyell

Rejuvenate your hair!

In response to dry, brittle hair and the loss of volume and shine, we bring you CREYELL. With the latest breakthroughs in hair care and hair color, CREYELL utilizes a special formula that will provide both optimum grey coverage and the renewal of essential hair lipids.

PROMASTER G Creyell Brochure (PDF)

Promaster G Creyell Basic

Promaster G Creyell Basic

Total 43 colors, 2.82 OZ. (80g)

Promaster G Creyell Acid

Promaster G Creyell Acid

Total 9 colors + cla, 2.82 OZ. (80g)

On White 100%

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This color guide shows standard colors after applying cream to white hair and developing for 30 minutes. Actual results may vary.

Click here for a PDF version of this chart.

On White 30%

Your browser does not support SVG

The number in the code name reflects the brightness level on 30% grey. (E.g., “7MG” = 7 brightness on 30% grey)

Click here for a PDF version of this chart.

Powder Bleach/Developer

PromasterPowder Bleach Dust Free

Gorgeous blonde results; less damage

From Subtle highlights to platinum blonde, Promaster Powder Bleach will provide up to 11+ levels of lift* when used with Promaster Developer — Promaster’s high dissolving formula.

PROMASTER Powder Bleach Brochure (PDF)

* Based on Hoyu level scale

Promaster Powder Bleach

Promaster Powder Bleach Dust Free: NET WT 16 OZ. (453g)

11+ Levels of Lift!

Promaster Powder Bleach Model

A great lifting agent for:

  • Natural blondes looking for a new look.
  • Color-treated blondes who don’t want to be without their favorite color but are concerned with hair health.
  • Clients with dull and tired hair who need a beautiful transformation.
  • Blondes who desire seasonal changes.
  • Fashion conscious clients who love to experiment with the latest blonde trends.

Damage Care Technology

Promaster Powder bleach utilizes two key ingredients that help reduce surface damage and cortex damage in the hair: Arginine and Cationic Cellulose.


Damage Protection
Arginine is an amino acid. It protects hair by preventing damaging substances from reacting to the hair surface.

Cationic Cellulose

Cellulose provides structure and strength to the cell walls of plants. It protects damaged hair from over-exposure to provide even bleaching.

* Polyquaternium-10


Formulated for all PROMASTER series

Promaster Powder Bleach

Promaster Developer 6%(20v)/2%(6.7v): 32 FL. OZ. (946ml)

Vivid Hair Color

GlamageHair Manicure

Acid color which can achieve glamorous coating and shine

Hair manicure is a semi-permanent hair color that provides an alternative to permanent color services. It’s super gentle formula can be used on the most sensitive of clients to refresh color or blend grey. Benefit clients who are highly sensitive or allergic to permanent hair coloring services. Every tube of Glamage contains Taurine, Chitosan, & Polyol, great for retaining vibrant color, and preserving damage free hair. Jasmine, Rose, Muguet, and Ylang-Ylang fragrance has been added for an invigorating experience.


Glamage Color Chart: Fashion

Glamage: TTotal 22 colors + Clear
5.29 OZ. (150g)

Grey Coverage

Glamage Color Chart: Grey


Glamage Color Chart: Grey

NOTE: For optimal viewing, please turn your phone sideways (landscape view)

Hair Care for Colored Hair


Maintain Beautiful Salon Color

This haircare series was specially developed to improve the health of your hair while maintaining professional salon color.

Three Sizes Available:
6.76 FL. OZ. (200mL)
20.28 FL. OZ. (600mL)
33.81 FL. OZ. (1000mL)
7.05 OZ. (200g)
21.16 OZ. (600g)
35.27 OZ. (1000g)

Long-Lasting Color


Improve texture for a vast range of hair types

For silkier, smoother hair.

Macadamia nut oil makes hair shiny and smoothes cuticles to provide hair with a softer and lighter texture.

Macadamia Nut Oil*

Oil extracted from the seeds of the Proteaceae Evergreen Tree, also known as the Macadamia Tree. Easily absorbed by hair and provides a soft, light texture.

*Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil

Long-Lasting Color


Care for dry hair affected by damage, aging and other factors

For more moisturized, more manageable hair.

Avocado oil increases shine and suppresses dry and unmanageable hair by replenishing lipids that are lost from damage and aging.

Avocado Oil*

Oil extracted from the fruits of the Lauraceae Tree, also known as the Avocado Tree. Contains a large amount of lipids and has excellent moisturizing effects.

*Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil

Heat Protection


Care for damage from blow drying and heat styling

For softer, more moisturized hair

The soft base polymer and heat damage care oil makes heat-damaged, coarse hair soft.

Soft Base Polymer*

Creates a base to soften hair from roots to ends.


Heat Damage Care Oil*

Creates a layer over the hair’s surface to provide smooth texture.

*Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Beeswax

Pure Cleansing


Removes wax, sebum, sweat and grime

For fresh hair that is easy to style.

Oil-cleansing technology removes grime and odors to leave a clear scalp and a fresh, clean feeling.

Multi-Cleansing Effect

Gently yet powerfully lifts and removes various types of grime from hair and scalp.

Surpress Excess Oil and Odor

Contains Menthol and Evening Primrose Seed Extract* to suppress excess oil and odor.

*Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose)  Seed Extract

Sensitive Skin


Cleanses with a mild formula that maintains the scalp barrier

For a scalp condition leading to healthy, beautiful hair.

Paeoniae Radix Extract* maintains the scalp barrier. Reduces scalp problemss and leads hair to better health and beauty.

Barrier Function Support

Paeoniae Radix Extract increases Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) to firmly bond cell layers. The skin then has stronger resistance to dryness and other stimulants.

FeaturesIn All Lines


pH control system and D-Zone technology prevent the accumulation of damage and control the hair’s condition.

UV Damage Care

Contains Hesperetin Laurate, which prevents the loss of protein and fading of color caused by UV damage.

Scalp Care

Contains Loquat Leaf Extract* to increase scalp moisture. This controls the scalp condition, which tends to be dry after hair coloring.

* Eriobotrya Japonica
Leaf Extract

Keratin • Collagen Treatment (Salon Use Only)PROMASTER Color Care Support Items


PPT effectively improves the evenness of the color application and color retention. Keratin PPT and Collagen PPT work effectively inside the hair structure to support even color result and prevent color fading.

PROMASTER Color Care Pre-Treatment

33.81 FL. OZ. (1000mL)

After-Treatment (buffer)

Removes damage factors caused by hair coloring. Reduces the loss of color pigments and internal components of hair. Improves color lasting, shine and smoothness. Removes residual alkali and radicals. Prevents the accumulation of damage. Improves hair condition.

PROMASTER Color Care After Treatment (Buffer)

33.81 FL. OZ. (1000mL)

Outbath TreatmentPROMASTER Color Care

Color Care Shiny

Sleek and shiny with an oil wrapping treatment effect. Works directly on the surface of the hair shaft to protect hair from dryness and frizz.

PROMASTER Color Care Shiny
1.69 FL. OZ. (50mL)

PROMASTER Outbatch Treatment - Shiny

Color Care Soft

Soft emulsion type with active-amino acids will repair and improve hair condition, while keeping locks soft and manageable.

PROMASTER Color Care Soft
3.38 FL. OZ. (100mL)

PROMASTER Outbatch Treatment - Soft

Hair Care for Scalp Maintenance

Medilook Alpha logo

Developed from the focus on scalp redness

Scalp Aging Care Series responding to thinning hair and fine hair problems.

Download the Medilook α Brochure: General Brochure | Stylist's Brochure

Scalp Redness is an "SOS" that only professionals can detect!

Scalp care is crucial for aging hair care! This scalp care series was developed from the focus on scalp redness.

Hoyu's discovery regarding scalp care.

Through Hoyu's scalp research, we discovered the connection between scalp redness and hair

Scalp with Redness

Scalp with Redness

Healthy Scalp

Healthy Scalp

Abnormal Hair Root

Increase in Abnormal Hair Roots (with what appears to be a tail).

Healthy Hair Root

Healthy Hair Root

  • Hair Loss, Thin Hair
  • Volume Decrease
  • Resilience Decrease

With the increase of abnomral hair roots, the growth phase shortens and the resting phase increases, creating an abnormal hair cycle.

Provide moisture to a scalp with redness to attain a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

Medilook α products all contain ingredients that lead to a moisturized scalp. These ingredients provide moisture to a sensitive scalp with redness and weak skin barrier.

Cherry Blossom Leaf Extract*

Cherry Blossom

Moisturizing ingredient:
Cherry Blossom Leaf Extract provides moisture to the scalp, reducing the causes of redness and leading to a more moisturized scalp.

* Prunus Yedoensis Leaf Extract

Red Wine Yeast Extract*

Red Wine Extract

Moisturizing ingredient:
Red Wine Yeast Extract targets the source of redness, alleviating redness and leading to a more moisturized scalp.

* Prunus Yedoensis Leaf Extract

Step 1: Remove sebum and grime from pores.

Before shampooing, slice through the hair to apply this Scalp Clean gel directly to the scalp. Massage with fingertips, then rinse.

Step 2: Remove sebum and grime from the scalp.

After rinsing scalp and hair, evenly apply a proper amount of shampoo. Lather and wash thoroughly.

Step 3: Provide moisture to the scalp.

Apply conditioner evenly and gently on hair and scalp, then rinse.

Step 4: Provide nourishment for the scalp.

Slice through the hair to apply Scalp Tonic on scalp, then use fingertips to massage gently.

Hair Care/Styling

3210 Finishwork Series

The countdown to beautiful hair

A finish work series that offers a variety of textures to create a beautiful hair style. All items have three key ingredients* which protect hair from humidity, heat, and UV rays. Refill size is available for all 3210 products.

*Phytosterols, Isopropyl Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate

3210 Leave-in Treatment

Made with mango butter*, which is even more moisturizing than shea butter.

3210: Emulsion Treatment

Emulsion Treatment

Moisturizes, weightless texture

3210: Clear Oil Treatment

Clear Oil Treatment

Adds shine, moisturizes

3210: Oil Gel Treatment

Oil Gel Treatment

Adds shine and texture, strong moisturizing power

Made with mango butter*, which is even more moisturizing than shea butter.

Size: Left: 1.86 FL. OZ. (55mL); Right: 6.76 FL. OZ. (200mL)

* Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Oil

3210 Gloss

3210: Gloss


Creates piece-y texture and "wet-look" shine

Size: Left: 1.94 OZ. (55g.); Right: 7.05 OZ. (200g)

3210 Hair Wax

The Light Hard and Hard Waxes are made with rice wax*, while the Super Hard and Ultra Hard contain candelila wax**.

3210: Light Hard Wax

Light Hard Wax

Weightless texture with pliable hold, matte finish

3210: Hard Wax

Hard Wax

Strong hold for defined looks, matte finish

3210: Super Hard Wax

Super Hard Wax

Stronger hold for defined looks, matte finish

3210: Ultra Hard Wax

Ultra Hard Wax

Strongest hold for very defined looks, matte finish

The Light Hard and Hard Waxes are made with rice wax*, while the Super Hard and Ultra Hard contain candelila wax**.

Size: Left: 1.94 OZ. (55g); Right: 7.05 OZ. (200g)

* Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax
** Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax